Commit like PRO w/ Conventional Commits

1 min read  •  24 Dec 2021

While building software(s), a crucial part is to maintain the versions of it. Github/Git is most popular and widely used for the same. In this process, committing code is a common part. These commits carry a message with them for identification. It's good to follow a structured way of commiting, so that it looks neat and in future if we want to automate something out of it, it could turn helpful.

Conventional Commits

The Conventional Commits specification is a lightweight convention on top of commit messages.

You can check here for more information.

To follow these conventions, there is a nice extension available in VSCode, which we can use to commit our code.


You can install this extension from here.

Committing through Conventional Commits Extension


  • Press Cmd + Shift + P
  • Enter Conventional Commits and press enter
  • Enter the details asked.

After completing above steps, the changes are committed and you can push it to the repository.


Here is how it looks: