2023: Year in Review

  • Moved out of the house where I have grown up! Shifted to new house
  • Experienced some hard time with kidney stones
  • Bought iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • iphone-14-pro-max
  • Went to Bangalore for office visit
  • Bought my first Apple Watch
  • Paid income tax for the first time
  • Started my youtube channel - @akulsr0
  • Sold most of my portfolio
  • Bought my first car ~ Tata Punch Adventure Rhythm
  • Another trip to Bangalore and office visit
  • Got new headphones - Bose QC 35
  • Went for a trip to Pondicherry and experienced its scenic beauty
  • Completed my first year at smallcase
  • First diwali at new home
  • Got my first appraisal at smallcase
  • Started to have my dinner early
  • Starting hitting the gym again