My first two projects

4 min read  •  21 Sept 2021

First things are always special and memorable. Today, sitting at home, writing some code, just recalled two of my first projects or creations and thought of writing about that.

the beginning

It was the time when I was in school, had no clue about any kind of development. I got a personal computer at home, on which I used to play solitaire, pinball etc, and showcase my creativity on MS Paint. Those were the golden days, we (me and my friends) started playing different kind of games. We used to go to the market, to get latest games CDs, DVDs. You may think, we could've downloaded the games from Internet, but that was the time when all we have was one or two GB for the month. And sometimes, even less than that.

Playing games was fun, but we wanted to do different kinds of geeky stuff. Like making websites, building apps and games. Many times while searching for crack files, cheatcodes, mods for games, I stumbled upon websites which were created and managed by students like us. At that point, I didn't even knew what is HTML or JS, but what I definitely knew was I am going to create something like this soon.

I started to read about how to make webpages and then came to know about HTML/CSS/JS. I started learning that by making my first website called GamesGuru.


We had a great collection of games, and I decided to make a website where people can download games, which brings me to my first website ever, GamesGuru, which I built in 2013.

You are right, this looks super ugly, this was just after I started learning HTML. I still remember I had the hardest time in placing those two images at top left and right corner.
P.S. - No flex was used, I had to do it with float

I used to call it programming at that time, because I didn't knew how to host it to some URL. If I call it a website, people used to ask me for the URL of the website. Now you would ask if this is not hosted how are people supposed to download the games or get to the website. The answer is - I used to have a zip of the project with me, and share with everyone online or offline to share my website. I later realized this is super unprofessional and dropped working on my first website programming ever.

However, I continued this idea with one of my friend, and built blogger website. Because at that time, we didn't knew how to host our own code to a url or domain. With blogger it was more than easy to setup the website and have a public URL. That blog can still be found here.


Ever since I started playing games on my computer, I always had the curiosity to know how these games are made. I started searching on the Internet about these things and found different softwares through which we can make games for computer. I made CoinsRush using a software called GameMaker. I wrote about its details, features and added screenshots here.

This was one of my first game which I made, and in this game, the player needs to go to the gate, escaping the obstacles in the way.

I lost the final build of the game, which had all the levels, but I have one early build of the game, which you can download from here.